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Tailor-made Intelligence

AWA provides a wide range of tailor-made services to individual clients and companies, and take pride in our reputation for providing focused, practical, reliable and cost-effective information and intelligence, and for a high degree of integrity. Our experienced consultants are personally involved at every stage of a project, ensuring consistency and quality.

Consulting & Advisory Services

Custom Market Research

Your company might require in-depth information on a specific subject, or could be dealing with specific (market) questions. In addition to our general publications, AWA offers customized research tailored specifically to your company’s needs. Based on your required deliverables, estimated time frame and budget, our research team prepares a research proposal for your review. Start picking our brains and contact us today.

Private Client Consulting

Need answer to a number of (short) questions? Prefer to discuss with AWA’s consultants directly? AWA offers Private Client Consulting. Companies can conveniently schedule a telephone conference call or an in-house visit. To schedule consulting time with (one of) the AWA experts, please contact our research department for more information and consultant availability.

Business Development

When your company wants to grow, but does not know about the how, when and where, AWA offers specialized services to assist companies through the states of development. From Voice of Customer surveys, Benchmarking, and New Product & Market Feasibility Studies, to Opportunity Ideation, Opportunity Assessments, and more. Our experienced consultants will provide your company with a tailored strategy to grow your business.

M&A and Due Diligence

Buying a company means considering not only the performance of an individual business, but also the context in which the business operates. Our market Due Diligence services are supported by our unique industry knowledge and our broad geographical reach. Because we have been active in the industry since 1971 and publish a broad portfolio of focused market studies continuously, we have a solid understanding of the industry and are always on top of the latest trends and developments. This allows us to assess assumptions and projections and provide efficient, cost-effective services in a timely manner. Our services result in a less cumbersome and more efficient due diligence process, meaning your organization will only need one report rather than two or three

Useful for buyers

Our market Due Diligence services provide potential buyers with thorough and objective information about the market in which the target company operates. We help our clients to identify opportunities and advise them on all the relevant factors to support in establishing themselves in the chosen markets. Our market Due Diligence reports facilitate the buying process as companies do not have to perform (or can limit) their own time-consuming and expensive research. Please contact us for more information.

Useful for vendors

Market due diligence also has advantages for vendors. Your company will only need to be researched once, and limits the necessity of giving potential buyers exclusive access in a too early stage. Additionally, you will be the first to receive the due diligence findings, thus saving you from being presented with new facts by buyers. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Tailor-made projects

Require other or more extensive consulting services than the ones listed above? We are glad to be of service. From strategic planning to acquisition and joint venture assessments, from market segmentation to opportunity assessments and creation, benchmarking to customer satisfaction and image surveys - we can tailor all our consulting projects specifically to your company's requirements. Contact our Consulting Team to find out how our knowledge and expertise can answer your needs.

Contact Us

AWA is your Go-to Industry Expert. Do not hesitate to contact our consulting professionals via e-mail or phone.

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