Awarding Sleeve Label Excellence

AWA Sleeve label Awards 2020

About the Awards

The Sleeve Label Awards 2020 are open for entries until January 28, 2020.

Judged by an international panel of industry experts, the Awards, now in their sixth year, are designed to recognize the industry’s outstanding achievements in stretch-and shrink-sleeve labeling and product decoration. 

The awards are open to printers/converters, and end users/brand owners. All entries must be commercial products, or offer a label design or innovative sleeve labeling solution (in terms of technology/substrate/print method) for a commercial product manufacturer that is not yet on the shelf.

There is no cost (apart from postage) associated with entering the Awards, and you may enter as many sleeves, for as many categories as you wish.

The Awards will be announced during the AWA International Sleeve Label Conference and Exhibition 2020. 

How to enter

1. Complete the registration form below

2. Submit 10 examples of the printed sleeve and the finished product container, fully sleeved, via courier to:

ATTN: Nicole Edgar
C/O: AWA Alexander Watson Associates
Koningin Wilhelminaplein 13

1062 HH, Amsterdam,
North Holland

All entries will be disposed of after the event. Returns will be arranged at your own cost. If you require your entry to be returned, please mentioned this in the form below. AWA cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged entries.

Judging Criteria

Judges will be giving special consideration to the following features for each submission:

Printing and Artwork Execution:
What features in the printing process make this a remarkable example worth recognition?
Judges will consider e.g. registration, are there any defects, number of colors, graphic alignment at the seam, other notable attributes.

Shrink Execution onto Container
How has the artwork been aligned, especially if this is not a round container? Are there any wrinkles? Is there any pull up?

Converting and Seaming
Provide addition remarks on slitting, seam lip, underlap and layflat

Innovative Features
For example, foil matte finish, tactile or other special effects? Please note that in the case that there is only one submission in any given category, the entry will be judged on its own merits.

First impression/shelf appeal
What features of this sleeve label make it stand out on the shelf among its competition?

Winners will receive:
-Industry recognition through International media coverage
-Framed certificate and trophy
-Featured display at the AWA International Sleeve Label Conference
-Complimentary registration for prize winning participants at the International Sleeve Label Conference 2021

Registration Form

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