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AWA helps companies in the Specialty Paper, Film, Packaging Coating & Converting Industry to make the right decisions by providing industry-specific market intelligence. Since 1971.

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Companies  along the Specialty Paper, Film, Packaging Coating & Converting value chain face many challenges: The global markets are increasingly complex, the rate of change gets faster.
To create strategic growth and profitability, it’s vital to make clear decisions. That’s what we’re here for: We help you see through the uncertainties in the market – so you can make the right decisions.
AWA has a unique industry focus. We are partners in every step of the value chain.

Global Beer Label Market 2018

Our Areas Of Expertise

Paper, Film, Adhesives, Resins and Chemicals.

Processing of any raw material into and end or intermediate product.
Labels and Product Decoration, Release Liners, Pressure-Sensitive Materials, Extrusion Coating, Metalizing & Vacuum Coating, Specialty Paper.

Specialized Market Intelligence

The global market is complex and challenging – but full of opportunities. We at AWA understand that. After all, we‘ve been around since 1971. That‘s why we‘re the world‘s leading expert in industry-specific market intelligence. Our mission: Providing you with the intelligence you need to succeed.

Our industry-leading reports drill down on technologies and markets and provide unique insights and data.

AWA Market Report Template
AWA Conferences and Seminars

Connect To Grow: Events & Seminars

Great things happen when professionals come together. Our global events are specifically geared towards the Specialty Paper, Film, Packaging, Coating and Converting sector – with specific events on specific subjects. The ideal environment to meet new business partners and learn more about the newest industry trends. Our Events & Seminars range from international conferences to intimate, invite-only exchange sessions and seminars.

Tailor-made Services: Research and Consultancy

Specific challenges require specific advise. We offer highly customized services to help you succeed. From M&A Due Diligence Services to Custom Market Research, Business Development and Private Consulting – AWA is here to help you.

Tailor Made Services and Consultancy

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