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AWA Alexander Watson Associates is a company with a unique industry focus on the specialty paper, film, packaging, coating and converting sector. AWA provides a complement of Market Research, Events, Business Development and Advisory Services. We have been providing clients with expert knowledge since 1971.

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Global Labeling & Product Decoration Market Update

AWA Sleeve Label Awards 2015

AWA Sleeving Technology Seminar


Global Labeling & Product Decoration Market Update 2015 

Global Labeling & Product Decoration Market Update 2015 provides an assessment of the status of the global and regional label markets. It includes market data by label technology, growth trends, an assessement of raw materials trends, merger & acquisition information, and the highlights from the AWA industry survey.

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AWA Sleeve Label Awards 2015

The winners of the first-ever sleeve label awards have been announced.   

Best Sleeve Label 2015 & Heat TD Shrink Sleeves Category  Winner
     Entry Submitted by: CCL Label, USA   
     Brand Owner: Smirnoff Co, USA    (Diageo)
     Entry Name: Smirnoff® Sours various flavors

Roll-fed MD Shrink Sleeve Category Winner
     Entry Submitted by: PepsiCo,USA     
     Brand Owner: Gatorade Co, USA (PepsiCo)   
     Entry Name: Gatorade® Thirst Quencher/Gatorade Frost® Glacier Cherry™

Stretch Sleeve Category Winner
     Entry Submitted by: CCL Label, Austria
     Brand Owner: Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co KG, Germany   
     Entry Name: Gerolsteiner® Linée/Grapefruit-Blutorange .75 liter

Environmental Consideration Category Winner
     Entry Submitted by: Sleever International, France   
     Brand Owner: Coca-Cola Entreprise, France
     Entry Name: Minute Maid® Citronnade/Limon & Nada 50 cl

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AWA Sleeving Technology Seminar

The AWA Sleeving Technology Seminar 2015 is a one-day seminar featuring presentations from key industry players discussing available sleeving technologies (TD shrink, stretch and roll-fed). The seminar connects participants with industry experts who will share the latest updates on these technologies, discuss industry issues and relay current, up-to-date information on the market and environmental implications, including the labeling formats’ evolving platforms of opportunities.

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About our services

Market research Reports

Our portfolio of published market studies offers a unique competitive advantage: Reports containing actionable and relevant information, in-depth opportunity and market assessments, and strategic market insight.

Conferences & events

We organize a portfolio of industry events designed to provide a platform for Information exchange, networking, and opportunities for commercial exposure and promotion. AWA events deliver current industry and market information for sound decision-making.


Our private client services are tailored to your needs, providing proprietary reports focused on your requirements and business. Actionable and relevant information, in-depth assessments, and strategic market insight giving you a competitive advantage. We adhere to strict confidentiality.


Our Outcome-Driven market related due diligence and M&A services provide the support necessary for high value, no surprise transactions. In-depth knowledge and market understanding, positioning assessments and growth opportunities necessary to succeed. AWA is your go-to expert.

The difference between simply surviving and strategic growth is the intelligence that defines your strategy