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AWA provides a truly unique online intelligence service called AWAccess™ that offers online access to all AWA market and technology studies, AWAreness™ reports, and other AWA conferences and events related information. It provides continuous, ongoing access to market data to meet information needs, and facilitate short and long-term strategic thinking.

AWAccess™ Services

AWAccess™ offers online access to all AWA market and technology market report on labeling and product decoration, release liners, specialty paper, and coating and converting.

  • Key BenefitsOnline access to the all AWA published and archived studies
  • Multiple user access world wide
  • PDF version of reports or specific parts printable
  • Access to exhibits for use in presentations
  • Easy to order hard-copies of studies
  • Online access to AWA conference proceedings
  • Discount on AWA Conferences & Workshops
  • Quick access to other AWA news & articles


In addition to AWAccess, AWA offers AWAccess™ DEC-TEC: a new service that provides direct online access specifically to all AWA labeling and product decoration market and technology studies.

Contact Us

For more information about (subscription to) AWAccess, do not hesitate to contact our professionals via e-mail or phone.

Head Office Amsterdam: +31(0)20 676 20 69
North American office: +1 312 943 4091
Asian office: +66(0)89 920 3906