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We at AWA know that, in our industry, there’s no »One Size Fits All«. That is one of the biggest reasons why our services helped thousands of companies make well-informed strategic decisions since 1971.


Our goal is to make the access to high-quality Market Information as easy as possible. That is why we have developed our Monthly Bulletins. They provide you with hyper-targeted Market Intelligence for your industry – easy to access, at an affordable rate and with an attractive no-strings-attached trial period.

They deliver reports on trends, developments, company and industry statistics – right on demand and in your inbox.

These Are our monthly bulletins

LAMM – Labeling & Product Decoration Markets & Materials

Our LAMM Bulletin provides you with the newest insights from self-adhesive and wet-glue labels through flexible packaging and in-mold labeling to cartons, direct-to-container print and 3D print.

FLEMM – Flexible Packaging Markets and Materials

The AWA FLEMM Bulletin monitors the entire flexible packaging market, the material markets and its companies.

SAMM – Self-Adhesive And Release Liner Markets & Materials

This bulletin is designed to tailor professionals in areas such as adhesives, tapes, self-adhesive labels, graphic films, and the markets in which those are used.

MDF Bulletin - Medium-density Fibreboard

The newest edition to our family of bulletins keeps you updated on all the recent developments in the world of medium-density fibreboard.

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