AWA Global Pressure-sensitive Adhesives Market Study 2019

AWA Global Pressure-sensitive Adhesives Market Study 2019, provides an independent assessment of pressure-sensitive technology, and focuses on the major formulations used in pressure-sensitive laminates – solvent-based, water-based, hot melt, UV curable, and silicone.

What's in it for you?

The study presents a detailed analysis on adhesives for laminate production in key pressure-sensitive market segments, including tape, labelstock, hygiene, graphic films, and medical. Detail is included for the global market as well as for regional markets. AWA Global Pressure-sensitive Adhesives Market Study 2019 uses the value chain as an important tool to analyze the market for pressure-sensitive adhesives.


What you can expect from this report


Scope of the Report:

  • Perceived strengths and weaknesses of each pressure-sensitive technology
  • The pressure-sensitive technologies used in each market segment
  • Significant applications within each segment
  • Adhesive demand, trends and market drivers

Table Of Contents

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Methodology
1.3 Definitions, Units & Abbreviatons
1.3.1 Definitions
1.3.2 Units, Abbreviations & Geographic Coverage
1.4 Acknowledgements


3.1 Global Market Structure
3.2 Global Value Chain
3.3 Market Segmentation
3.3.1 Pressure-sensitive Adhesive Type
3.3.2 Market Segments
3.3.3 Regional Markets for Pressure-sensitive Adhesives

4.1 Hot Melt
4.1.1 Global Demand by Region
4.1.2 Global Demand by Market Segment
4.1.3 Global Forecasts
4.2 Hot Melt (UV Curable)
4.2.1 Global Demand by Region
4.2.2 Global Demand by Market Segment
4.2.3 Global Forecasts
4.3 Silicone-based
4.3.1 Global Demand by Region
4.3.2 Global Demand by Market Segment
4.3.3 Global Forecasts
4.4 Solvent-based
4.4.1 Global Demand by Region
4.4.2 Global Demand by Market Segment
4.4.3 Global Forecasts
4.5 Water-based
4.5.1 Global Demand by Region
4.5.2 Global Demand by Market Segment
4.5.3 Global Forecasts

5.1 North American Value Chain
5.2 Market Demand by Pressure-sensitive Adhesive
5.2.1 Hot Melt
5.2.2 Hot Melt (UV Curable)
5.2.3 Silicone-based
5.2.4 Solvent-based
5.2.5 Water-based
5.3 Market Demand by Market Segment
5.3.1 Tapes
5.3.2 Labelstock
5.3.3 Hygiene
5.3.4 Graphic Films
5.3.5 Medical
5.3.6 Others
5.4 North American Forecasts & Market Trends

6.1 European Value Chain
6.2 Market Demand by Pressure-sensitive Adhesive
6.2.1 Hot Melt
6.2.2 Hot Melt (UV Curable)
6.2.3 Silicone-based
6.2.4 Solvent-based
6.2.5 Water-based
6.3 Market Demand by Market Segment
6.3.1 Tapes
6.3.2 Labelstock
6.3.3 Hygiene
6.3.4 Graphic Films
6.3.5 Medical
6.3.6 Others
6.4 European Forecasts & Market Trends

7.1 Asian Value Chain
7.2 Market Demand by Pressure-sensitive Adhesive
7.2.1 Hot Melt
7.2.2 Hot Melt (UV Curable)
7.2.3 Silicone-based
7.2.4 Solvent-based
7.2.5 Water-based
7.3 Market Demand by Market Segment
7.3.1 Tapes
7.3.2 Labelstock
7.3.3 Hygiene
7.3.4 Graphic Films
7.3.5 Medical
7.3.6 Others
7.4 Asian Forecasts & Market Trends

8.1 Rest of the World Value Chain
8.2 Market Demand by Pressure-sensitive Adhesive
8.2.1 Hot Melt
8.2.2 Hot Melt (UV Curable)
8.2.3 Silicone-based
8.2.4 Solvent-based
8.2.5 Water-based
8.3 Market Demand by Market Segment
8.3.1 Tapes
8.3.2 Labelstock
8.3.3 Hygiene
8.3.4 Graphic Films
8.3.5 Medical
8.3.6 Others
8.4 Rest of the World Forecasts & Market Trends


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