To be published: AWAreness™ Report Global Sleeve Label Market 2020

The AWA Global Sleeve Label Market Study 2020 is AWA’s sixth detailed report focusing on the sleeve label market. It details the current status of the global and regional sleeve label markets, materials, and technologies, with particular emphasis on the changing structure and trends within this dynamic business area.


What you can expect from this report


Sleeve labels – particularly heat shrink sleeves – continue to take market share around the world from the ‘traditional’ labeling technologies. This packaging decoration format provides high-quality, 360-degree, head-to-toe graphics on a wide spectrum of complex container geometries. The developments in this area call for a continuous update of statistics and background information.

AWA Global Sleeve Label Market Study 2020 provides an overview of the global and regional sleeve label markets. It includes information about market structure, a breakdown by sleeve label format and a growth forecast. Sleeve label formats covered in the report are: Heat Shrink Sleeve, Stretch Sleeve, ROSO™MD Shrink Sleeve, and RFS MD Shrink Sleeve.

AWA Global Sleeve Label Market Study 2020 focuses on materials used in the production of sleeve labels of all types, and on the markets and market trends.

Research for this study is based on our internal database of label market information, a review of available published literature, an analysis of trade and industry statistics, online surveys, and interviews with companies across the value chain, together with input from AWA industry conferences and events specific to the label and specialist converting industries.

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1 Methodology
1.2 Definitions & Abbreviations

2. Executive Summary

3. Label Markets
3.1 Global Label Market
3.2 Global Sleeve Label Technologies & Markets

4. Sleeve Labels
4.1 Sleeve Label Categories
4.1.1 Heat Shrink TD Sleeve Labels
4.1.2 Stretch Sleeve Labels
4.1.3 ROSO™ and RFS MD Sleeve Labels
4.2 Sleeve Label Markets
4.3 Sleeve Label Market Structures
4.4 Sleeve Label Market Value Chain
4.5 Sleeve Label Market Segmentation
4.4.1 Application Technology
4.4.2 Application Category
4.4.3 End Use Markets
4.4.4 Materials
4.4.5 Regional Markets
4.6 Global Sleeve Label Market – Trends & Forecasts

5. European Sleeve Label Market
5.1 Market Structure & Value Chain
5.1.1 European Sleeve Label Market – Market Structure
5.1.2 European Sleeve Label Market – Value Chain
5.2 European Sleeve Label Market – Segmentation
5.2.1 Application Technology
5.2.2 Application Category
5.2.3 End Use Markets
5.2.4 Materials
5.2.5 Regional Markets
5.3 Trends & Forecasts

6. North American Sleeve Label Market
6.1 Market Structure & Value Chain
6.1.1 North American Sleeve Label Market – Market Structure
6.1.2 North American Sleeve Label Market – Value Chain
6.2 North American Sleeve Label Market – Segmentation
6.2.1 Application Technology
6.2.2 Application Category
6.2.3 End Use Markets
6.2.4 Materials
6.2.5 Regional Markets
6.3 Trends & Forecasts

7. Asian Sleeve Label Market
7.1 Market Structure & Value Chain
7.1.1 Asian Sleeve Label Market – Market Structure
7.1.2 Asian Sleeve Label Market – Value Chain
7.2 Asian Sleeve Label Market – Segmentation
7.2.1 Application Technology
7.2.2 Application Category
7.2.3 End Use Markets
7.2.4 Materials
7.2.5 Regional Markets
7.3 Trends & Forecasts

8. South American Sleeve Label Market
8.1 Market Structure & Value Chain
8.1.1 Market Structure
8.1.2 Value Chain
8.2 South American Sleeve Label Market – Segmentation
8.2.1 Application Technology
8.2.2 Application Category
8.2.3 End Use Markets
8.2.4 Materials
8.2.5 Regional Markets
8.3 Trends & Forecasts

9. African & Middle East Sleeve Label Market
9.1 Market Structure & Value Chain
9.1.1 Market Structure
9.1.2 Value Chain
9.2 AME Sleeve Label Market – Segmentation
9.2.1 Application Technology
9.2.2 Application Category
9.2.3 End Use Markets
9.2.4 Materials
8.2.5 Regional Markets
9.3 Trends & Forecasts

10. Sleeve Label Market – Technology Trends
10.1 Sleeve Label Market – Technology Trends, Materials
10.2 Sleeve Label Market – Technology Trends, Printing

11. The Future For Sleeve Labels
11.1 Growth Forecasts

12. Directory
12.1 Printers
12.2 Labeling Machines
12.3 Films/Inks/Resins/Adhesives


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