AWA Global Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tape Market Study 2019

Specialty pressure-sensitive tapes are used for many different applications. This makes the market difficult to understand.

But specialty pressure-sensitive tapes have enormous opportunities, being a modern alternative to other technologies.

The AWA Global Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tape Market Study 2019 (3rd edition) provides a concise and clear overview of this complex and often dynamic industry. The report dives into the trends in the specialty pressure-sensitive tapes industry by looking at the market from a regional perspective, application perspective, and materials point of view. As a market with significant growth potential, we look not only at the market today, but also at how it will develop over the next three years and the trends and developments that will drive growth. Finally, the study concludes with a list of leading companies/suppliers operating in this industry at different stages of the value chain.

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What's in it for you?

  • Understanding differences and complexities across regions
  • Gaining insights into the dynamics in different applications segments
  • Recognize which application segments and regions are driving overall growth
  • Get a picture of developments in materials used
  • Understanding how the market is structured and who the leading companies are in the industry
  • The market quantified by region, application segment, and material

What you can expect from this report


The pressure-sensitive tape industry has evolved over the years to become highly developed, diversified, and competitive. This study analyzes the strength and weaknesses of the specialty pressure-sensitive tape market and other characteristics across the value chain.

Specialty pressure-sensitive tapes represent a significant growth opportunity for material suppliers, converters, and distributors. The wide range of material types, product constructions, and end uses are growth drivers.

AWA Global Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tape Market Study 2019 focuses on materials, conversion technologies, application methods, and end uses for all specialty tapes, and on the markets and market trends. The value chain tool is used to analyze the market volumes and trends for the global specialty pressure-sensitive tape market and for each of the regional markets.

Research is based on available published literature and industry statistics complemented by extensive data collection. The primary research and data collection involved in this study included telephone interviews and online surveys of leading global and regional tape manufacturers, raw materials suppliers and industry experts.

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Methodology
1.3 Definitions & Abbreviations

2. Executive Summary

3. Pressure-Sensitive Tapes – Market Structure & Segmentation
3.1 Market Structure
3.2 Value Chain
3.3 Market Segmentation
3.3.1 Product Segmentation
3.3.2 Regional Pressure-Sensitive Tape Markets

4. Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tapes
4.1 Market Structure and Value Chain
4.1.1 Market Structure
4.1.2 Value Chain
4.2 Global Market Segmentation – Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tapes
4.2.1 End-use Markets
4.2.2 Tape Materials
4.3 Global Specialty Tape Market Trends

5. European Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tape Markets
5.1 Market Structure and Value Chain
5.1.1 Market Structure
5.1.2 Value Chain
5.2 European Market Segmentation – Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tapes
5.2.1 End-use Markets
5.2.2 Regional Markets
5.2.3 Tape Materials
5.3 European Specialty Tapes Market Trends

6. North American Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tape Markets
6.1 Market Structure and Value Chain
6.1.1 Market Structure
6.1.2 Value Chain
6.2 North American Market Segmentation – Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tapes
6.2.1 End-use Markets
6.2.2 Regional Markets
6.2.3 Tape Materials
6.3 North American Specialty Tapes Market Trends

7. Asian Specialty Pressure-Sensitive Tape Markets
7.1 Market Structure and Value Chain
7.1.1 Market Structure
7.1.2 Value Chain
7.2 Asian Market Segmentation – Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tapes
7.2.1 End-use Markets
7.2.2 Regional Markets
7.2.3 Tape Materials
7.3 Asian Specialty Tapes Market Trends

8. South American Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tape Markets
8.1 Market Structure and Value Chain
8.1.1 Market Structure
8.1.2 Value Chain
8.2 South American Market Segmentation – Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tapes
8.2.1 End-use Markets
8.2.2 Regional Markets
8.2.3 Tape Materials
8.3 South American Specialty Tapes Market Trends

9. Africa & Middle East Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tape Markets
9.1 Market Structure and Value Chain
9.1.1 Market Structure
9.1.2 Value Chain
9.2 Africa & Middle East Market Segmentation – Specialty Pressure-sensitive Tapes
9.2.1 End-use Markets
9.2.2 Regional Markets
9.2.3 Tape Materials
9.3 Africa & Middle East Specialty Tapes Market Trends

10. Market Challenges and Influences
10.1 Market Influences
10.2 Raw Material Prices
10.3 Growth Drivers and Demand Forecast

11. Company Directory
11.1 Adhesive Tape Manufacturers
11.2 Adhesive Suppliers
11.3 Tape Material Suppliers

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