AWA North American Extrusion Coating Market Study 2018

AWA North American Extrusion Coating Market Study 2018 provides a full and detailed market segmentation of the extrusion coating market in North America. The report focuses on web materials – papers, paperboards, films, aluminum foils, and non-wovens – which are polymer extrusion coated or laminated. It includes over 200 pages of data and developments.


What you can expect from this report


Founded in 1971, AWA Alexander Watson Associates is a leading international market research and advisory services provider. We have regularly published many reports on the European, North American, and Asian markets for extrusion coating.

AWA North American Extrusion Coating Market Study 2018 provides market data by segment and trends for each category of application. It outlines the structure of the extrusion coating market in North America, and covers marketplace developments for suppliers and key extrusion coating operations in North America.

Applications covered in this study include liquid packaging, flexible packaging, photographic and commercial. The latter category has been divided into 14 sub-categories, such as tableware, medical/hygiene, release base, and ovenable boards. In addition to covering applications and developments, we have included company profiles for the major North American extrusion coating companies.

Market trends for extrusion coated and laminated products and their applications are diverse. The AWA North American Extrusion Coating Market Study 2018 is an excellent business tool that provides an overview of these dynamic markets.

Table Of Contents

1 Introduction
1.1 Definitions, Units and Abbreviations
1.1.1 Definitions
1.1.2 Units
1.1.3 Abbreviations
1.2 Methodology

2 Executive Summary

3 Extrusion Coating Worldwide
3.1 The World Market
3.2 Market Segmentation
3.3 Globalization of the Industry
3.4 Opportunities and Threats

4 Extrusion Coating: North America
4.1 The North American Market
4.2 Factors Influencing Demand
4.3 Market Structure
4.3.1 Raw Materials Suppliers
4.3.2 Extrusion Coating Companies

5 Markets for Extrusion Coating
5.1 Flexible Packaging
5.2 Liquid Packaging
5.3 Photographic
5.4 Commercial
5.4.1 Folding Cartons
5.4.2 Tableware
5.4.3 Ovenable
5.5 Commercial – Packaging PAper
5.5.1 Mill Wrappers
5.5.2 Sacks
5.5.3 Case Liners
5.5.4 Industrial Wrappings
5.5.5 Envelopes
5.6 Commercial – Technical
5.6.1 Medical / Hygiene
5.6.2 Release Liners
5.6.3 Overlaminating Films
5.6.4 Insulation Facings
5.6.5 Building Membranes
5.7 Miscellaneous
5.8 Prospects for extrusion coating

6 Material Trends
6.1 Boards
6.2 Papers
6.3 Films
6.4 Aluminium Foils
6.5 Other Materials
6.6 Polymers
6.7 Material Prospects

7 Company Profiles

8 AWA Publications

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