AWAreness Report Global Beer Label Market 2018


AWAreness Report Global Beer Label Market 2018

AWAreness Report Global Beer Label Market 2018 is the fourth assessment of the current status of one of the world’s leading label end-use markets, and details trends in the market by label format, materials, and technologies, with particular emphasis on the changing structure and developments within this key area of use for labels and other forms of product packaging and decoration. The report looks into global beer markets by region, different beer packaging and decorations technologies, and then dives into the label market for beer. It evaluates present and future demand for labels by geographic region, and includes information about the market structure, growth drivers, and threats and opportunities. An indication of the current status and future prospects for the various labeling technologies are also provided.

What's in it for me?

  • What are the trends affecting the beer market?
  • Understand the developments in beer packaging & product decoration
  • Understand regional differences and where potential growth lies
  • Get insights into the value chain and how it’s changing
  • Learn about (labeling and packaging) technology trends

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Beer is the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in volume terms, and is the third-most popular drink after water and tea. It is also considered the oldest fermented beverage possibly dating back to 9500 BC and with the earliest chemical evidence for barley beer production dated at around 3500 to 3100 BC. However beer in the 21st century is not without challenges and issues. Developments of packaging formats and packaging innovation represent one of the key strategies for retaining beer sales volumes in traditional beer drinking countries and regions and for expanding penetration rates for beers in emerging areas of consumption in competition with more traditional beverages. Labels have a leading role to play in these areas of packaging development and innovation, and the selection of label format, materials, and application technologies are driven by the certain of these changes.

All label formats are used in the packaging of beers – cold (wet) glue applied ‘patch’ labels represent the most popular format, but clear film pressure-sensitive labels are widely used in certain regions in direct competition. Wrap around hot melt glue applied labels are the format used for larger volume PET bottled beers, and sleeve labels – predominantly heat shrink TD sleeve labels – are used for major brands in promotions and seasonal launches and in the labeling of canned beers, most notably craft beers. In-mold labels are used for the labeling of crates.

AWA estimate that the total volume of labels used for the decoration of bottles (glass and PET) and cans in 2017 as xx million square meters, with wet glue-applied labels being the most used technology representing xx%.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
1.1 Methodology
1.2 Definitions & Abbreviations

2 Executive Summary

3 Label Markets
3.1 Product Decoration & Identification Technologies

4 Global Beer Markets
4.1 North American Beer Market
4.1.1 US Beer Market
4.1.2 Canadian Beer Market
4.1.3 Mexican Beer Market
4.2 European Beer Market
4.2.1 German Beer Market
4.2.2 Russian Beer Market
4.2.3 British Beer Market
4.2.4 Polish Beer Market
4.2.5 Spanish Beer Market
4.3 Asian Beer Market
4.3.1 Chinese Beer Market
4.3.2 Japanese Beer Market
4.3.3 Vietnamese Beer Market
4.3.4 Indian Beer Market
4.3.5 Thai Beer Market
4.4 South American Beer Market
4.4.1 Brazilian Beer Market
4.4.2 Colombian Beer Market
4.4.3 Argentinean Beer Market
4.4.4 Venezuelan Beer Market
4.5 Africa and Middle East Beer Markets
4.5.1 South African Beer Market
4.5.2 Nigerian Beer Market

5 Beer Packaging & Product Decoration Technologies
5.1 Global Beer Packaging Technologies
5.2 Global & Regional Beer Packaging Decoration Technologies
5.2.1 North American Beer Packaging Decoration Technologies
5.2.2 European Beer Packaging Decoration Technologies
5.2.3 Asian Beer Packaging Decoration Technologies
5.2.4 South American Beer Packaging Decoration Technologies
5.2.5 Africa & Middle East Beer Packaging Decoration Technologies

6 Beer Label Market Trends & Drivers
6.1 Beer Production
6.2 Value Chain Changes
6.3 Technology Changes
6.3.1 Packaging Formats
6.3.2 Label Formats
6.3.3 Label Converting Technologies
6.3.4 Label Materials
6.4 Environmental Influences & Considerations

7 Company Directory
7.1 Beer Can Manufacturers
7.2 Steel Suppliers
7.3 Aluminum Suppliers
7.4 Other Suppliers
7.5 Pressure-sensitive Laminators
7.6 Papers
7.7 Die Cutting
7.8 Presses
7.9 Inks
7.10 Testing Equipment

8 AWA Publications

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