AWAreness™ Report In-mold Electronics 2018

The AWAreness™ Report In-mold Electronics 2018 highlights the opportunities that IME provides to sustain or realize higher growth rates and the challenges which should be addressed to support this. AWAreness™ Report In-mold Electronics 2018 provides an overview of in-mold electronics technology, an overview of the market for in-mold electronics by region, application, and material, and outlines the market structure for in-mold electronics and the players involved in the value chain. The report concludes with a company directory that gives the reader an overview of the main companies involved in this market.

What's in it for you?

  • Gaining quantitative insights into the emerging market of IME?
  • Learning which application segments are set to grow the fastest?
  • Understanding which region is driving growth and why?
  • Determining who the main companies are operating in the IME market?
  • Grasping what the challenges and opportunities are?

This report answers all these questions and more.


What you can expect from this report


In-mold Electronics (IME) is an emerging market and the process enables the embedding of functional electronics, lighting and touch controls inside thin 3D injection molded plastics, which traditionally have been decorative only. As an industry, it brings together different industries to work in collaboration to develop specific innovative solutions. The process combines electronics and graphical printing on a 2D sheet which is then formed or molded into a 3D shape. There are many different government funded centres and venture capitalists around the world that fund such projects, the main development hub being Europe.

There are IME projects at diverse stages of development and it is evident that over recent years, IME solutions have progressed from those that are in the research and development phase to commercial manufacturing. IME is gaining momentum and after a few false starts the market, even though still in the embryonic market phase, is witnessing healthy growth. The supply chain is becoming more robust with key players, especially in the raw material sector of the market developing product ranges e.g. films and conductive inks etc. specifically for this process.

In 2017, AWA estimate that the global IME market was in the region of xx mln sqm and it is forecast to grow at a rate of xx% per annum until 2020. The growth is supported by brand owners that are valuing the differentiation that IME can bring to their products from both a design and functionality perspective. They realise the need to innovate to remain competitive especially in the developed regions of the world when they are competing against lower cost markets.

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1 Sources of Information & Methodology

2. Executive Summary

3. Defining In-mold Technologies
3.1 In-mold Labeling
3.2 In-mold Decoration
3.3 In-mold Electronics

4. In-mold Electronics (IME) Technology Overview
4.1 In-mold decoration
4.2 Printed electronics
4.3 Advantages of in-mold electronics
4.4 Limitations of in-mold electronics
4.5 Opportunities for in-mold electronics
4.6 Challenges to in-mold electronics growth

5. In-mold Electronics (IME) Market Overview
5.1 Market Size and Growth
5.2 Market Segmentation and Applications
5.2.1 Geographical Regions
5.2.2 End Use Applications
5.2.3 Automotive
5.2.4 Consumer Appliance/White Goods
5.2.5 Medical
5.2.6 Aerospace

6. In-mold Electronics Value Chain
6.1 Raw Materials
6.2 Commercial Web Coaters
6.3 IME Printers
6.4 Injection Molders
6.5 Device Assemblers
6.6 End Users/OEMs

7. Company Directory
7.1 Key Solution Providers
7.2 Directory

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