AWA Labeling & Product Decoration Annual Review 2018


AWA Labeling & Product Decoration Annual Review 2018

The AWA series of Annual Market Reviews provides up-to-date core industry data and intelligence of selected markets worldwide, providing converting industries with an accurate and complete global guide and benchmark.

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AWA Labeling & Product Decoration Annual Review 2018 provides an overview of the global and regional label markets. The Annual Review provides the current status of key aspects of the industry, including global volumes; market structures; market characteristics by region; and growth rates. Raw material trends and M&A activity are also assessed. The report is a practical tool for producers, material suppliers, and all companies involved in the value chain.

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The report includes:
• Global volume
• Regional volumes
• Global and regional segmentation by label format (pressure-sensitive, glue applied,
sleeving, in-mold, and other)
• Regional end-use segmentation
• Growth rates by region and label format
• Global and regional label market characteristics
• Label market structures
• Global and regional label market characteristics by material
• Raw materials assessment
• Merger and acquisition activity
• Results of the AWA industry survey

Table of contents

1. Introduction
1.1 Methodology
1.2 Definitions & Abbreviations
1.3 World Labeling & Product Decoration
2. World Label Markets
2.1 World Label Volumes/Demand
2.2 Market Structures
2.3 Label Market Characteristics by Region
2.3.1 Europe
2.3.2 North America
2.3.3 Asia
2.3.4 South America
2.3.5 Africa & Middle East
2.4 Label Market Characteristics by
2.5 Label Market Growth Rates
3. Label Market Opinion Survey
4. Raw Material Assessment & Trends
5. Merger & Acquisition Activities
6. AWA Publications

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