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Focused, Practical and Reliable Market Intelligence

We offer a wide range of in-depth market and technology reports with a unique industry focus on the specialty paper, film, packaging, coating and converting sector. All AWA reports are based on extensive studies by an experienced team to ensure that you receive the latest insights and up-to-date market intelligence.

Key Market Areas

Labeling and Product Decoration

AWA's portfolio of labeling and product decoration reports includes a global market review, regional market studies, and market studies that focus on specific label technologies. AWA publishes AWAreness™ reports that drill down into specific subjects and technical manuals.

Self Adhesive and Release Liners

AWA's portfolio of release liner reports includes a global market review, regional market studies, and AWAreness™ reports for product specific focus.

Pressure-sensitive Materials and Coated Products

AWA's portfolio of Pressure-sensitive Materials and Coated Products reports includes expertise on metalizing and vacuum coating in a global market update, regional market studies, and AWAreness™ reports for product specific focus.

Areas of Expertise

We have broad and long-standing expertise in the industry, and report on most areas including:

  • Labeling & Product Decoration
  • Coating & Laminating
  • Converting & Printing
  • Packaging, Paper & Film Substrates
  • Release Liners
  • Extrusion Coating
  • Pressure-sensitive Graphic Film
  • Pressure-sensitive Specialty Tape
  • Product Authentication & Brand Security
  • Specialty Papers

Visit our reports shop for a list of all our Published Reports to select and order and get our AWA DataTranscripts on Labeling and Product Decoration Markets and Materials, Flexible Packaging Markets and Materials, and Self-Adhesive and Release Liner.

Tailor-made Market Research

Our portfolio of Published Reports is extensive. However, if there is specific market intelligence that you require, but cannot find in one of our Published Reports, we can always perform tailor-made market research for you. For more information about this service, please check out our Consulting section or contact us directly.

Purchase Options

You can purchase our reports individually, buy a bundle discount, subscribe to AWAccess™ for an all-access pass to all our publications for an annual fee, or receive three monthly AWA DataTranscripts on key market areas. Our reports can be obtained in digital or hard copy format. It is also possible to buy sections of reports. Just contact our reports team for any questions, bundle discount rates and AWAccess™.

Contact Us

Require more information about our events? Do not hesitate to contact our professionals via e-mail or phone.

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